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About Me

A woman after God's own heart, I live my life in service to other women who want to know God.

Building Connections to God

A life should impact those beyond our own little circle.  That impact needs to make a positive difference in our world.  My love and devotion to God serve as my inspiration to help others find their way to the life God has intended for us.  Writing is my springboard into the life of others and my experiences serve to help others walk in a way pleasing to God

A second round of parenting is such fun with grandchildren!

More About the Author

Sharon HIx finds herself at home today in a beautiful rural setting in mid-Missouri.  Retired from management, she now occupies her time loving on grandchildren and offering help to those struggling to find peace in this world of confusion.  A pastor's wife for 40 plus years has given her experience to offer those Christians who need a little life coaching.  Transparent and honest, she reveals truths recorded in the Bible to guide her readers to a closer walk with God.