For The Little Ones

cropped-055.jpgBoys and girls love animals.  Some are cute and cuddly, some are scary!  But a worm seems harmless as little boys pick up a stick and push at it to see it’s response.  We can learn from the worm.  He thinks he is plain and maybe even ugly – until he reaches that stage of life when he attaches to a leaf or branch and begins the awesome change that God has equipped him to make.  In little time, his cocoon wraps around him and wonderful things happen inside that cocoon!  Soon, he bursts from the prison of the cocoon and stretches beautiful, colorful wings and flys away!

God has equipped us to change, too.  You may think you aren’t very pretty, maybe that you are not helpful or kind.  But God can help you change inside and out.  If you ask God to help you be the best you can be and really try with all your heart, you will be surprised at what God and you can do together.  So don’t be afraid of change – spread your wings and fly!