Junk?? Or Jewels??

img1949061Old – but still Useful to God
I like to rescue things – unraveled garments, cracked or flawed glass, and rusted heirlooms. Restoring damaged items is much different than simple recycling. These items have character; they are valuable pieces of history that have been used and abused worse for the wear. Easy? Not hardly. Timeless treasures require a big investment of time and energy. The search for these items takes me places where I often encounter people who need salvaging too, those used and abused and in need of someone to reassure them of their worth. It’s God’s will that no one perish (2 Peter 3:9) so, I’m happy to be used in this way.
The ‘go-to’ source for these valuable pieces of history happens to be garage sales, junk stores or stashes of twisted junk piled on and around private property. When I select a piece, I’m already aware of the work it will take to transform it. Recently, I pulled the iron base of an old Singer sewing machine out of a trash heap recognizing the work this rusted surface would require. But once a rustic slab of wood was attached on the top, it made a perfect and unique table. This process always reminds me of the value of people, scratched and dented from life, like the teenager God put in my path, a girl who appeared wounded, unloved, and of little worth. Now this was a treasure worth salvaging!
Watching her transformation into the beautiful young woman she is today has been a blessing! It took years of patient love and encouragement to enjoy the sight of her today, ready to face a future of hope. I was only a tool God used to point her back to the Savior who loved her and had a plan for her life. She may have felt like junk, she may have been told she was worthless, but the Spirit of God moved my heart to see her worth. This happens often as I look through the eyes of Jesus and see His view of people. And through this process, I’ve come to understand just how much we all need salvaging – just how rusted and worthless we really are.
Jesus repurposed a life from uselessness to reveal His ability to see the value and worth in a wounded individual through the story of the paralytic man whose friends brought him to see the Master. Can you imagine four of your friends coming to physically carry you to meet a total stranger? But the ailing man allowed them to carry him and he heard the words of Jesus, “I say to you, arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.” (Mark 2:11) Immediately his lifeless legs became strong as he stood on his own. Can you imagine the surprise on the faces of his family when he returned home in his own strength, now ready to be useful again? Physical miracles were only the beginning; spiritually He transforms us into His best work!
Jesus STILL wants to rescue and salvage the wounded today. Of course, He could do it miraculously on His own, but He allows us to be hands and feet to reach out to help these. Isn’t that an awesome thing! Who will God put in your path to rescue today? Do you know someone who has listened to the lies of the enemy and has been left feeling worthless? Give your hands to Jesus and He will use you in ways hard to imagine. Be blessed yourself in the process!2015 005