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awesome-american-flag_603993People who consider themselves ‘baby-boomers’ will remember a popular T.V. show where a pretty lady would rub a bronze container and presto!  Out would pop her personal genie.  His question usually involved what he could do to grant her greatest wish.  As make-believe goes, it was an entertaining show.  There have been days I wished God would do that for me, make possible my greatest breakthrough, but His timing is often different than mine.  A period of ‘waiting’ seems to follow most requests, yet He has always been faithful to meet my needs.  Right now I need wisdom as I sort through the choices for Election Day.

I am reminded of a favorite Bible story of Israel’s leader as he also searched for wisdom.  King Solomon, the son of King David, after leading his people in a moving worship service, had the privilege of hearing God’s voice.  God spoke these words, “Ask.  What should I give you?” (2 Chronicles 1:7) Listen to Solomon’s response

     “You have shown great faithful love to my father David, and You have made me king in his place.  Lord God, let Your promise to my father David now come true.  For You have made me king over a people as numerous as the dust of the earth.  Now, grant me wisdom and knowledge so that I may lead these people, for who can judge this great people of Yours?” (verse 8-10)

     Proverbs tells us how important this matter of wisdom is – “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom!  And in all your getting, get understanding.” (Prov. 4:7)  Also, where to look for wisdom, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” (Proverbs 9:10)

     Imagine it!  Solomon could have asked for anything, but he chose wisdom to lead his kingdom correctly.  Don’t you wish the leaders of our nation would do the same?  Well, that is out of our control – but we certainly can ask for ourselves!  We can ask for wisdom while we gain knowledge about the candidates.  Check out their platform (what their party stands for).  If you are seeking a reliable source, try Franklin Graham’s (Billy Graham’s son) website.  There you will find an informative comparison and once armed with that knowledge, you can make an informed decision.

I hope you are doing the same – praying for wisdom not just for voting, but for all of life.  If you listen to the expensive ads on today’s media, you will find conflicting information that will leave you more confused than ever.  Prayer and reliable sources of information will equip you to vote in a manner consistent with God’s word.  Christians may disagree as to the people best equipped to lead our country, but we should be able to agree on God’s principles that should be a part of our leader’s foundation.  Do your research and I’ll see you at the voting booth on Tuesday!awesome-american-flag_603993

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